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Disregard the R-22 Myth, The Facts are Clear.

Confused about the future of R-22, and what the phaseout really means? Check out our infographic for all the answers

R-22 Myth Infograph (PDF)


R-22 is Still Legal. Get the Facts: Phaseout Flyers for Contractors to Educate Customers

Tell your customers the truth about R-22: It’s legal to buy, sell and use R-22 today and after 2020. Get the facts on the EPA phaseout here and share them with employees and customers.

RSES Journal Article “R-22: Here Today, Here After 2020” (PDF)


The EPA created this free trifold brochure to help explain the R-22 phaseout and which issues consumers should consider.

EPA Phaseout Brochure on R-22 Trifold (PDF)