1 March 2017

February 23rd, the International Trade Commission (ITC) heard final arguments in the long-running investigation of potential dumping of R-134a by Chinese entities.  Airgas executives were in Washington D.C. at the hearings, which featured testimony from several U.S. manufacturers of R-134a. While the results of the latest ITC hearing are not yet known, on February 22nd, […]

24 February 2017

In anticipation of the implementation of AHRI Guideline N, “Assignment of Refrigerant Container Colors” to one uniform paint color, Airgas Refrigerants is beginning its transition now. Guideline N, announced mid-2016, stipulated that all refrigerant containers use one uniform paint color, light gray-green RAL 7044. This means that all existing individually assigned container paint colors will […]

24 January 2017

If you’re attending the 2017 AHR Expo/or ASHRAE Winter Conference Jan. 28th-Feb.1, be sure to visit with Airgas at Booth C 1939 in the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. More than 60,000 HVAC professionals and 2,000 exhibitors will be in attendance. Take a spin on the Airgas Refrigerants Instant Prize Wheel. Come […]

1 January 2017

Airgas Refrigerants is seeing prices of R-410A spike weekly, with some manufacturers publishing two prices increases per week. These are resulting in increased prices to contractors and end customers, right at the beginning of the air conditioning season. Airgas advises customers to quickly consider their current inventories of R-410A and plan for a potential shortage […]

13 October 2016

The AHRI-accredited Airgas Refrigerants Testing Lab is offering kits that allow contractors and engineers to pull and send their own refrigerant samples for rapid testing. Call 800-473-3766 to order one or multiple kits, or order them here. Your analysis report should be received within 48 hours of your sample arriving at Airgas Refrigerants’ Atlanta facility. The […]

10 June 2016

With summer beginning, the supply of various refrigerants will be affected by several different conditions, which will likely result in spot shortages for the entire season. R-22 is now in its last three years of EPA-allocated new production and will continue to be in short supply. The limited approximately 18 million pound total production allowance […]

23 May 2016

In March 2016, Airgas Refrigerants began operating a sophisticated AHRI-accredited refrigerants testing lab after nearly a year of design and construction. Meet the people who designed it and keep it running flawlessy… The Airgas Refrigerants testing lab, perhaps the most sophisticated in the nation, is housed in Airgas Refrigerants’ Atlanta filling and reclamation facility, and today […]

8 April 2016

Airgas Refrigerants is now operating a refrigerants testing lab that has received AHRI accreditation in the Refrigerant Testing Laboratory certification program. The refrigerants testing lab, based in Airgas Refrigerants’ Atlanta filling and reclamation facility, will enable customers to receive sample test kits, fill and return them to Airgas Refrigerants for analysis. The complete kit includes […]

29 February 2016

The complete R-22 phaseout of virgin product manufacturing is another year closer. With 12/31/19 as the zero production date, manufacturers have increased prices on R-22 and several manufacturers, including Arkema and Honeywell, have informed customers that they will no longer be producing blends that contain R-22, specifically R-401A, R-401B, R-402A and R-409A. These are interim […]