ACHR News: Reclamation Down. Jay Kestenbaum Comments on Industry Concerns

May 9, 2018

Sr. Vice President of Sales and Purchasing, Jay Kestenbaum,was one of several industry sources interviewed by ACHR News in an important article on the state of reclamation for R-22. R-22 is legal to buy, sell and use today and will be after 2020, which highlights the value and importance of reclaiming R-22.

In the article, which features images from ASPEN facilities, Jay reminded contractors that “The only true source for the long-term continuing supply of R-22 is recovery and reclamation, which needs to increase drastically.”

Other industry executives echoed Jay’s remarks, one adding: “We feel confident that the best refrigerant for existing R-22 systems is reclaimed R-22 and that the reclamation industry can provide the necessary R-22 supply for the future, as it has done for CFC [chlorofluorocarbon] needs for over two decades,” he said.

Executives raised concern that cross contamination is on the increase due to the use ‘drop-in’ refrigerants. Read the full article. Registration may be required.