Airgas Announces New Product Listing Including HFO Refrigerants for 2016

February 5, 2016

Airgas Refrigerants has announced its new full line up of refrigerant gases for 2016. Featuring refrigerants from Arkema, Chemours, Honeywell and Mexichem, the range of gases, including new HFOs, is designed to meet any refrigerant need and to introduce alternate replacement refrigerants to ones that are scheduled for phasing out in new equipment due to their high Global Warming Potential or delisted due to the EPA’s SNAP program. An important new addition is R-1234yf, which has been recently introduced as a replacement for R-134a in vehicles.

The full line of Airgas refrigerants includes new SNAP-approved substitutes and all refrigerants for air conditioning systems, chillers, geothermal systems, supermarket refrigeration systems and other industrial applications. Airgas stocks hard-to-find phased out CFC refrigerant gases too.

The following gases have been listed under the EPA’s SNAP program and will be unacceptable in various end-uses: R-404A/507A, R410A, R-407A/C/F, and HFC-134a. These will continue to have applications over the next year or beyond in existing systems as they are maintained.

See the EPA SNAP Final Rule on high GWP HFCs here.  Despite many CFCs and HCFCs having been phased out or being phased out and some HFCs being set for SNAP delisting, Airgas expects to have strong inventory of all refrigerants and blends including R-22 as the company continues its commitment to reclamation of this critically needed refrigerant gas. A complete listing of refrigerants Airgas carries, including their available sizes, is on the Airgas Refrigerants, Inc. website.