Airgas Helps Mechanical Contractors with Refrigerant Returns

June 3, 2014

Responding to a market need for services, Airgas has begun an outreach program to mechanical contractors, offering service and buybacks of used refrigerant gases.

Mechanical contractors often have used gas in cylinders that may be bought back at best market price. They also often have mixed or contaminated refrigerants. These may be liabilities or may be worth money. As one of the nation’s largest refrigerant reclaimers, Airgas is helping contractors solve these issues and free up space for needed fresh refrigerant for the coming summer. Airgas provides recovery cylinders and onsite reclamation services for large jobs and emergency jobs and offers technical consulting.

Get a no-obligation quote to find out how much your gas is worth, and learn more about Airgas Refrigerants’¬†reclamation and onsite services at the Airgas¬†Reclamation¬†page.