Airgas Refrigerants, Inc. Changes Name to ASPEN Refrigerants, Inc., ASPEN to Operate as a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Hudson Technologies

December 13, 2017

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY – Airgas Refrigerants, Inc., announced today that it has changed its name to ASPEN Refrigerants, Inc. (ARI). ARI was recently acquired by Hudson Technologies, and will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary.  ARI is a leading refrigerant distributor and EPA-certified reclaimer in the U.S.  ARI distributes, reclaims and packages refrigerant gases for a variety of end uses.

“ASPEN Refrigerants® is a strong, well-known product brand of refrigerant gases,” Jay Kestenbaum, Sr. Vice President for Sales and Purchasing for ARI, said.  “The ASPEN® name will make it easy for customers who are already familiar with the ASPEN Refrigerants® packaged gas to transition to this reliable and trusted refrigerant brand name as a company name. Customers can expect us to continue providing the same great products and services we have been delivering for years,” he continued.

ARI will continue to operate from its major facilities in Atlanta and Long Island City, NY and through over 40 stocking locations throughout the U.S. The company retains its personnel and leadership staff. Email addresses will follow the previous convention, but the company name has changed. For example: firstname.lastname @ or ARI-shipping @

ASPEN® and ASPEN Refrigerants® are registered trademarks, with the ASPEN name always displayed in capital letters.

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About ASPEN Refrigerants

ASPEN Refrigerants, Inc. is a leading distributor of refrigerant gases in the U.S. and maintains a wide selection and a dependable inventory nationwide. ASPEN is now a subsidiary of Hudson Technologies, Inc., a recognized leader in the refrigerant reclamation industry for more than 20 years, which further strengthens our leadership position in the refrigerant and reclamation industry. Hudson is also an industry leading provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for optimizing performance and enhancing reliability of commercial and industrial chiller plants and refrigeration systems.

ASPEN carries millions of pounds of refrigerants in inventory throughout the United States, and our arrangements with so many manufacturers provide us with the greatest flexibility of product despite various industry changes, production cutbacks, plant closings, and raw material shortages, all of which have occurred in the past many years.