Airgas Refrigerants is Now ASPEN Refrigerants

December 5, 2017

Airgas Refrigerants, Inc., purchased in October 2017, is now ASPEN Refrigerants, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hudson Technologies, Inc.

The new name was chosen because the ASPEN Refrigerants brand has had a strong presence in the refrigerants industry for a decade. It was distributed by Airgas Refrigerants, along with refrigerants from Arkema, Chemours, Honeywell and Mexichem Fluor.

The company has adapted this brand name as its company name and now will appear to the industry as ASPEN Refrigerants, Inc.  ASPEN Refrigerants will be meeting with members of the refrigerant industry at the January 2018 AHR Expo in Chicago.

The employees of Airgas Refrigerants are now employees of ASPEN Refrigerants. The company will continue to operate its Atlanta and Long Island, NY facilities as they have for nearly a decade.

ASPEN Refrigerants will strive to continue delivering to customers the same great products and services customers have been relying upon for years.  We’ll deliver the same great service from the same people.

In Summary:

  • Airgas Refrigerants, Inc. is now ASPEN Refrigerants, Inc.,
  • ASPEN is always written in all capital letters and is a registered trademark with the USTPO.
  • ASPEN Refrigerants has had no legal association with Airgas Inc., an Air Liquide Company, since October 11, 2017.
  • ASPEN Refrigerants continues to operate with the same personnel and facilities.
  • ASPEN Refrigerants offers the same wide selection of refrigerants, including the ASPEN brand, and a full array of testing, recovery and reclamation services.
  • The ASPEN Refrigerants testing lab is certified by AHRI and is regarded as one of the most advanced refrigerants testing facilities in the U.S.
  • ASPEN Refrigerants is an EPA-Certified refrigerant reclaimer.
  • ASPEN Refrigerants expects to develop and offer complete refrigerant lifecycle solutions to customers along with its parent company, Hudson Technologies, Inc.