Airgas Refrigerants Names Paul Huzyak Vice President of Operations

July 27, 2017

Paul Huzyak is the new Vice President of Operations for Airgas Refrigerants. Based in Atlanta, Paul is responsible for the production and reclamation processes, safety, training, personnel, maintenance and other operational areas that are necessary for Airgas Refrigerants to deliver high quality products and maintain the high level of customer satisfaction that Airgas customers expect.

Paul has had a prestigious career at a number of companies, with multi-site responsibility for the last 15 years.

“Paul is joining us at an ideal time. With his proven supply chain management background, process improvement skills and operational experience, Paul can continue to refine our production and reclamation processes and be a part of new innovations for Airgas Refrigerants,” Emmanuel Dupree, President of Airgas Refrigerants, said. “With reclamation becoming increasingly urgent and evolving refrigerant product lines, Paul’s skills will help us meet the throughput and capacity changes that are the new reality of the refrigerants business.”

We asked Paul a few questions to help Airgas customers and colleagues get to know him better.


What are you focusing on currently?
My current focus is on maintaining the incredible QC settlement time for used refrigerants that the team has established over the last 12 months.  Our average time from receiving used gas shipments to scanning a customer order is down to less than 2 days—and often, less than one, even now—in the busy season.  We are also aligning our production logistics with these faster settlement process times to leverage the great improvements already in place.


What are you most looking forward to in the next year or so?

I am an eager student of any game I play, so I am looking forward to continuing to learn the customers, the products, the processes and the market dynamics of the refrigerants business.  Fundamentally, improving how we interact with customers and serve their needs drives our long-term success, so I look forward to discovering opportunities to provide higher levels of service and improved products to our customers.


What differences should customers expect in the coming year or two?

While I’m new to the refrigerants business, I have deep experience in the supply chain management of production processes.  Customers can look forward to continued high-level service in all steps, from receiving to settlement, as well as accelerated processing rates. This will allow us to get reclaimed gas back into the market as soon as possible.


What else would you like people to know about you?

I am passionate about my work, and I relish the challenges of complex problems.  The dynamic nature of the refrigerants business offers opportunities to tackle meaningful problems that will drive improved customer service and improve ARI performance along the way.