Airgas Refrigerants Opens AHRI Accredited Refrigerant Test Laboratory

April 8, 2016

Airgas Refrigerants is now operating a refrigerants testing lab that has received AHRI accreditation in the Refrigerant Testing Laboratory certification program. The refrigerants testing lab, based in Airgas Refrigerants’ Atlanta filling and reclamation facility, will enable customers to receive sample test kits, fill and return them to Airgas Refrigerants for analysis. The complete kit includes the sample cylinder and hose, instructions for packing them safely, and DOT compliant shipping labels.

The testing process is expected to take 1-2 days from the time the sample is received by Airgas. Customers will receive a report on the contents of their sample, showing how the refrigerant sample compared to AHRI 700 requirements for acidity, chloride, particulates, moisture, purity and more. Customers and contractors can specify what they are testing for, including suspected air or water leaks, evidence of corrosion, oil sludge or darkened, excessive head pressure, compressor burn-outs, or proactive condition analysis.

Airgas developed proprietary technology to speed the refrigerant extraction and testing process and employs eight gas chromatograph mass spectrometers for analysis. The five lab staff members are chemists and engineers. Airgas Refrigerants will be rolling out its sample kits shortly and will offer an annual testing program for customers who want to include refrigerant testing in their preventative maintenance programs.