Airgas Refrigerants Puts Focus on ReKlaim Collection Centers

August 1, 2017

This summer, Airgas Refrigerants introduced a new marketing campaign promoting reclamation through ReKlaim Collection Centers.

For wholesalers or supply house operators, being a ReKlaim Collection Center provides contractors a trusted reclamation partner for returning used refrigerants.  Dropping off used refrigerants brings contractors into ReKlaim Collection Centers, affording them the opportunity to shop for other HVACR equipment and supplies.

For contractors, having a ReKlaim Collection Center to visit means turning in used refrigerants, getting new recovery cylinders, and having a bit of cash or credit.

Supply house managers interested in becoming a ReKlaim Collection Center can find more information, including a PDF brochure, on the Airgas Refrigerants website.

Contractors can find ReKlaim Collection Centers using our online locator.

Airgas Refrigerants will be sending new marketing kits to existing ReKlaim Collection Centers in August.

Wholesalers can learn more about the ReKlaim Collection Center program by contacting one of our representatives at 800 477-3766 or