ASPEN Thrives at Record-Breaking AHR Expo

February 12, 2018

In Chicago, this year’s AHR Expo had everything you’d expect—and in record-setting numbers. As ASPEN team members met with customers, partners, press and contractors, the show swirled with more than 72,000 attendees—the highest number ever—who mingled throughout the half a million square feet of floor space, attended informational settings, and witnessed Contractor of the Year selections and Innovation Award winners. Of the 2,155 exhibiting companies, 702 of them were international companies from 35 countries. Among attendees, nearly 10,000 visitors came from 169 different countries. All 50 U.S. states were represented, as well as Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories.

ASPEN Refrigerants debuted under its new name, bringing the familiar ASPEN brand out to the public as the company name. Visitors and team members alike commented on the fresh new booth graphics brought the cold of Aspen mountain air to life in the ASPEN booth.

ASPEN Refrigerants Sr. Vice President of Sales and Purchasing, Jay Kestenbaum, remarked that this year’s show had plenty of change in the air. “With regulatory issues unresolved, we can look to Europe for an idea of what may be heading our way,” he said. He also noted that this R-22, which is legal to buy, sell and use now and after 2020, moves a bit closer to its production phaseout, which makes reclamation of R-22 and proper buying of it even more important. “Customers should recognize the importance of reclaiming R-22 and reclaim as much as possible today.”

This year’s event reflected optimism among attendees, and an HVACR Manufacturers ASHRAE Journal and AHR Expo survey bore this out. Survey respondents last year projected a strong 2017 with 74% of respondents predicting ‘excellent or good growth.’ This year the number of survey respondents predicting ‘excellent or good growth’ grew to 89%, up 15% over 2017. New construction was cited as one of the main drivers for this growth.

The 2019 AHR Expo will be held in Atlanta January 14-16. The ASPEN team will see you there.