DuPont Refrigerants Now Called The Chemours Company

November 11, 2015

In July, DuPont spun off its specialty chemical division into a new publicly-traded entity called The Chemours Company, whose refrigeration products Airgas will distribute nationwide. Look for the new brand, new packaging and new marketing materials.

While a separate company from DuPont, Chemours holds the lineage of DuPont innovation in refrigerants that pioneered Freon™, the most recognizable name in refrigerants for years, and many of the 400 series blends and CFCs & HCFCs including R-12, R-22, R-11 and R-113.

Today, Chemours is a leader in alternative refrigerants to R-22 and R134a as well as other refrigerants. Soon they will be distributing R-1234yf a replacement to R-134a in automobiles.

Airgas is proud to continue its relationship distributing this trusted line of refrigerants and looks forward to the continued innovation that has brought this company into its own with the backing of a 200 year old mainstay of the industrial and chemical industries.