Process and Return of Recovered Refrigerants Explained

December 13, 2013

The cooler months present an ideal time to service chillers and refrigeration systems. When you perform maintenance, remember that refrigerants at AHRI-700 specifications will reduce system operational costs.

Airgas Refrigerants offers a range of services to help you out, including onsite and emergency services, as well as our guaranteed process-and-return program, Recovered Refrigerant Return. The Airgas Recovered Refrigerant Return program makes it fast and easy to renew your refrigerants to their top condition. Airgas can process a wide range of refrigerants and return them at a substantially lower fee than buying new refrigerants.

Our Field Services group can even perform processing onsite if you need it, saving you time, costs and hassle. The Field Service group can also clean systems while they are still in operation if necessary.

Airgas guarantees that your product will meet the AHRI-700 standard after processing. Also, you can choose the cylinder size you need for ease of returning your refrigerant. Typically the amount we process and return is greater than ninety-five percent of what you return to Airgas, meaning that you will need to buy very little new refrigerant.

Here’s how our Recovered Refrigerant Return program works: Airgas will supply you recovery cylinders for a fully refundable deposit. We can also swap cylinders ‘like for like,’ which makes returning refrigerants even easier. If the recertification date on the recovery cylinder has expired, Airgas can recertify the cylinder for continued use if it passes the recertification process.

Airgas charges based on gross weight of recovered refrigerants received. We use proprietary testing methods to quantify the purity, oil content, moisture content, inert gas content (air), and all other contaminants, according to AHRI testing requirements, and we share a report of our testing with you after reclamation.

Airgas processes a wide range of used refrigerants, including those in low pressure cylinders. For many of our customers who frequently provide large amounts of recovered refrigerant, we even schedule regular pickups. Ask us about:

  • Long term storage and rental of Airgas tankers
  • Rapid cryogenic dehydrations of systems
  • System flushing for acid, moisture and oil
  • Simple, on site recoveries of larger quantities or refrigerants, and negotiated buybacks
  • Buy-back of used and surplus refrigerants

Find out more today. Call Airgas at 800-406-2292 for a Recovered Refrigerant Return quote.