R-22 Availability Article in RSES Journal Authored by ASPEN’s Jay Kestenbaum

August 21, 2018

ASPEN’s campaign “Don’t Believe the R-22 Myth” has kicked off with an article by ASPEN Sr. Vice President of Sales and Purchasing, Jay Kestenbaum. He authored an article featured in the August issue of RSES Journal (Membership required to view.) The article, titled “R-22 Refrigerant: Here Today, Here After 2020,” describes how misinformation in the marketplace is confusing refrigerant buyers, contractors and system owners.

Please read and share the RSES Journal article, available here in a format you can distribute.

RSES Journal Article R-22 is Here Today, Here After 2020.pdf (1.2 MB)

The main points of the article are that everyone in the industry has a responsibility to properly educate refrigerant consumers that:

  • The purchase, sale and use of R-22 is legal now and will be in 2020 and beyond, it just won’t be manufactured or imported new.
  • R-22 is not banned, nor is it illegal to buy, sell or use.
  • The use of R-22 will not become illegal.
  • There is no timeline for the cessation of buying, selling or using R-22.
  • R-22 is the best refrigerant for systems designed to run on R-22, delivering the highest capacity and highest efficiency.
  • Past phaseouts and current recovery and reclamation practices show that there will be ample R-22 supply for years to come after the phaseout. For example, R-11 and R-12 have not been produced since 1995, but are still readily available and continue to be used in systems today by utilizing reclaimed refrigerant. You can buy them today from us.
  • Until the production phaseout is complete, new R-22 will continue to enter the market each year. In 2019, the last year of production, an additional 4 million new pounds of refrigerant will enter the market. Responsible contractors and businesses can recover R-22, return it to a certified EPA reclaimer so that it can be reclaimed back to AHRI 700 specifications and reused indefinitely.
  • Recovering R-22 and returning it to a wholesaler or certified EPA reclaimer is profitable, as this used R-22 has value for contractors.