Send Your Refrigerant Samples for Testing at Airgas Refrigerants’ AHRI-Accredited Lab

October 13, 2016

The AHRI-accredited Airgas Refrigerants Testing Lab is offering kits that allow contractors and engineers to pull and send their own refrigerant samples for rapid testing. Call 800-473-3766 to order one or multiple kits, or order them┬áhere. Your analysis report should be received within 48 hours of your sample arriving at Airgas Refrigerants’ Atlanta facility.

The report will show the composition of the gas you have sent to us, including purity, moisture, oil, non-condensable gases, and chlorides and acids as requested. Rush service may be available as well. Each sample is processed through a mass spectrometer for the most precise testing in the refrigerants industry.

The kit contains return packaging, a sample bottle, necessary documentation and labels and instructions on how to easily draw your sample and ship it to us.

Refrigerant quality is essential to system performance and energy efficiency, especially in chillers where oil and moisture can significantly affect performance. The testing kit is ‘The Contractor’s Friend,’ as it allows you to quickly diagnose refrigerant issues that can be rectified to save your customers system down time and money. These kits are perfect for routine preventive maintenance.