Sustained Summer Heat Calls for Warehouse Checks for Inventory

August 22, 2018

This summer has seen temperatures and tempers rise as records broke in a number of cities and throughout the West. The Northeast broke records early on with an uncomfortable entry into summer. And we’re not through the last of the heat yet.

Check your inventory an make sure you have enough of the most common refrigerants that your customers use.

Now is the time to ensure your trucks have the refrigerant needed when your techs go out on calls. We have R-22, R-410A and every other refrigerant you need to get the job done. Remember: R-22 is still legal to buy sell and use. You can help your customers continue to use their R-22 systems for years to come.

Also, check to see if you have recovery cylinders that you want to return to us. We pay the best market price for clean used refrigerant. Keep your cool through the remainder of the season.

*Image Used Courtesy of AccuWeather, Inc.