On-Site and Preventive and Emergency Services

When you need refrigerant help, we’re there for you.

Customers often face issues with refrigerant purity that affects system performance. When you have scheduled services or emergencies, contact us to ensure your systems can run at their top performance. Our service technicians hold multiple certifications, allowing them access to a broad range of facilities while maintaining compliance with safety and security.

We can return your refrigerants to AHRI-700 standards onsite with our patented RPS technology. These high speed, transportable recovery reclamation units can return refrigerants to AHRI-700 purity standards at speeds of up to 2,700 pounds per hour.

Our customer successes includes:

  • Industrial facilities such as food processing, medical and chemical plants
  • High-rise buildings, hospitals, universities and supermarkets
  • Government, military and marine locations, including vessels

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