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Keep Your Chiller in Peak Condition

Chiller Services

Chillers have a hard life. Oil leaks into refrigerants, particulates accumulate and even small system leaks of refrigerant can cause purity percentages to slip and efficiency to drop.


ASPEN's EPA-Certified on-site services help contractors with scheduled and emergency services, and can process refrigerants back to AHRI-700 specifications at speeds of up to 2,700 pounds per hour. We can often process refrigerants even while the chiller is still running.


In addition, we provide dehydration and flushing services designed to remove moisture, oil and particulates from any refrigerant system regardless of size or capacity.


We can often keep your chiller online or process your refrigerants during a shut down.


We can:


  • Reprocess refrigerants back to AHRI-700 spec
  • Replace your refrigerants with new of the same
  • Replace a phased-out refrigerant with an alternative
  • Buy back any unneeded refrigerants for reclamation


ASPEN Refrigerants is committed to keeping you online or getting you back online as soon as possible. Our certified technicians strictly document their work. We use the most advanced equipment, and we tracking amounts and movements of refrigerants, so you can be comfortable with your safety and trust that you are in compliance with regulations.


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