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    Warranty: All products, other items of sale, cylinders and other containers furnished by ASPEN Refrigerants, Inc.. are warranted for one (1) year from the date of sale to conform to the description thereof published by the manufacturer at the time of sale, and all gas products will meet Seller’s purity specifications. SELLER SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED STANDARDS, GUARANTEES, OR WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT AND ANY WARRANTIES THAT MAY BE ALLEGED TO ARISE AS A RESULT OF CUSTOM OR USAGE.

    Refrigerant Cylinder Returns/Deposit: Refillable refrigerant cylinders shall remain the property of SELLER. Such cylinders shall not be used by Customer for purposes other than the storage of gas products purchased from SELLER or the return and reclamation of certain gases (e.g., refrigerants). Each refillable cylinder will be subject to a cylinder deposit fee, as established by SELLER standards from time to time. Unless otherwise specified in a Contract, SELLER will refund the deposit fee when the Customer returns the refrigerant cylinder as follows: 100% if returned within 18 months of sale; 75% if returned within 24 months of sale; 50% if returned within 30 months of sale; and 0% if returned after 30 months of sale. No refund will be made if the cylinder’s condition is deemed to be unfit for reuse, as determined by SELLER, which determination shall be irrefutable sixty days after the cylinder was returned

    Refrigerant Cylinder Returns/Deposit and Warranty Policy*

    Instructions for Empty Cylinder Return To ASPEN

    NOTE: ASPEN accepts and will refund deposits only for the following brand refrigerant cylinders: Airgas/ASPEN, Arkema-Atofina/Forane, Chemours/DuPont/Suva/Freon, Honeywell/Genetron, Ineos-Mexichem/Arcton and Weitron. All other brands may be accepted by carriers as carriers will not inspect the shipment at pick-up, but these cylinders will be returned, freight collect, and no credit will be issued for the deposit.
    Brands not accepted include but are not limited to: Coolgas, Marigases, Unitor and Wangsgard, etc.

    IMPORTANT Palletizing Cylinders: The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that cylinders are secure in the vehicle during transit and therefore it is mandatory that cylinders are prepared for shipment by following these steps:

    • All cylinders (2 or more) must be on a pallet for transportation (horizontally stacked), single cylinders do not have to be on a pallet.
    • All cylinders must be secured to the pallet with either shrink wrap or metal bands.
    • Pallets cannot have more than 8 cylinders.