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Safety Data Sheets

Find and download Safety Data Sheets (SDS) by refrigerant and manufacturer.


Pressure Temperature Information

Look up pressures and temperatures for refrigerants. This complete refrigerant chart has breakouts by low-, high- and very-high pressure.


Blend Percentages Chart

See the percentages of refrigerants that make up each blended refrigerant in this thorough chart.

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R-22 Alternatives

R-22 will be legal to buy, sell and use after 2020. However, it is being phased out of new production by 2020. The major refrigerant manufacturers have identified the following refrigerants as replacements to R-22 in specific applications.


Contractor Communcation

Click here for helpful communication tools that you can hand to your customers, including downloadable PDFs explaining the continued use of R-22 even after its phaseout.


Track Your Shipment

Track the status of your shipment using our self-service portal

Track Your Shipment

Request Return of Empty Cylinders Out on Deposit

Click the link below when your ASPEN Refrigerants or other acceptable manufacturers’ brand returnable cylinders are empty and ready for return to ASPEN Refrigerants.

Empty Cylinder Return Form

Defective Cylinder Form

Click the link below to fill out our defective cylinder form.

Submit Defective Cylinder Form

Request a Copy of a Credit Memo

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Request a Copy of an Invoice

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Request a Reclaim Shipment Pickup

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ASPEN Terms of Sale

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