We have One of the Largest Cylinder Fleets in the Country

When you need recovery or replacement cylinders, we’ve got them for you.

Depending upon your refrigerant, you may need either low- or high-pressure cylinders to transport your used refrigerant. We have ample supplies of both in the sizes you need.

With our full fleet of cylinders we deliver:

  • Freight-free, clean and certified cylinders with 48 hours with our minimum recovered refrigerant return
  • Hydrostatic tested, recertified, refurbished and repainted cylinders for free
  • Documentation for compliance with DOT and EPA regulations
  • Low Pressure (LP) cylinders stamped PSI 350 or lower LP for R-22, R-134a, for example
  • High Pressure (HP) cylinders, stamped PSI 400 or higher HP for R-410A, R-507, among others
  • Plus, we’ll swap like cylinders or upgrade LP for HP for a deposit fee
  • If your cylinder has mixed refrigerants, we’ll attempt to separate them or, if we can’t, safely destroy them

Empty Cylinder Return Instructions (pdf 19 KB)

Defective Cylinder Return Instructions (pdf 1.7 MB)